Our vision

By Biblical teaching and passionate preaching to bring people to Christ, and to challenge the church of Christ to holiness of heart and life; to a Spirit-filled walk with God; to a brokenness of heart in humble earnest and believing prayer for God to pour out His Spirit in true revival power.

Our passion

To see the Spirit of God poured out in glorious reviving power.

I warmly commend to pastors and Christian leaders my dear friend and brother, Dr. Colin Peckham from Scotland. It has been my joy to serve with him "in the fellowship of the gospel," and convention ministry in South Africa, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Under God he distinguished himself as a president of the Faith Mission College in Scotland, conference speaker, author and spiritual leader. The fire of revival burned in his soul, and his preaching was passionate and powerful in the Holy Spirit. He had my ... heartiest approbation. [Dr Stephen Olford]


Dr and Mrs Peckham have had a number of books published over the years of their ministry. Some of them are still in print and available from retailers. Some now available online. Read them here.


A selection of articles on topics such as revival, holiness, giving, etc from Dr & Mrs Peckham. Read them here.

Sermons (Audio)

Sermons that will challenge and shake you, and draw you closer to God. Visit our growing archive of messages preached by Dr and Mrs Peckham over the years of their ministry as missionaries in South Africa and in the UK.

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A selection of videos of sermons. This is a growing archive which is constantly being updated..

Colin and Mary Peckham were a wonderful gift to the church. They knew and understood the true nature of revival. Colin was a great student of historic revivals, and Mary came to Christ through the Hebrides revival. That combined background gave them a unique understanding of the true nature of revival that's so desperately needed in this generation. I commend them to every [one] hungry for God's renewing and reviving work. [Dr Sammy Tippit]